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From Whence We Came

From Grey Matter to White Boards, Pencils to Pixels, Keylines to Cursors, Oh My!

Streng Agency started over thirty years ago as a fledgling startup on a shoestring budget in the basement of its founder’s home, has become a premier agency in the Central United States with clients in the U.S. and around the world. We’ve spent three decades empowering brands like yours.

From sketch pads to key-lines, to digital files and all points in between, this agency has seen the growth of an industry that thrives on change. Ever evolving and ready to jump in the pool at any time, Streng has made a reputation for itself as one that drives brands to be nimble, responsive, and relevant. This is demanded by new age consumer‘s who are adaptive, changing and empowered. Because of this, we seek brands that we can collaborate with to find new ways to tell the world what they are all about. And that, our future friend, is the foundation of what we are all about!

Brain Trust

Some right-brained, some left-brained and others we’re still waiting for the MRI.

Peter Schwartz

President & CEO

Steve Clevenger

General Manager

Will Sosa

Creative Director

Steve Duffner

Director of Marketing & Strategy

Stacia Ellermeier

Director of Catalog Services

Brian Cash

Director of Digital Services

Rick Streng

Account Manager

Matthew Bullock

Director of Optimization

Howard Breitrose

Business Development


The track down which we drive the mighty marketing train

1 Investigate

We pull back the proverbial curtain and analyze all the industry research we can get our grubby hands on in order to evaluate the brand from every possible angle.

2 Illuminate

Our goal is to discover the brand truths by identifying opportunities and closing the communication gaps between Product/Service, Category Silo and the real Consumer Truths.

3 Invent-igate

Take all of our recently gained knowledge and insightful brand truths we have learned and use it to create an integrated communication plan.

4 Integrate

Now we develop an executional media plan that defines all tactics and timing for placing the brand in the crosshairs of the consumer.

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