@Oreo’s #creamthis or #cookiethis Social Media Campaign

Oreo Cookie seriously has the most passionate Marketing and Advertising crew.  In all honesty, I was a little disappointed with the Super Bowl XLVII’s commercials this year, especially compared to Honda’s Ferris Bueller ad or the infamous Darth Vader ad for Volkswagen from last year’s Super Bowl. Thank goodness Oreo Cookie stole the show as far as Advertising is concerned.

It’s no secret that Oreo Cookie is psyched about celebrating their 100thAnniversary. The Oreo commercial that premiered during Super Bowl XLVII was their first to appear during the big football game. But even with an engaging and fun commercial, the world’s favorite cookie didn’t stop there. When it comes to social media marketing and incorporating some of the more challenging social media platforms into the mix, Oreo nailed it with Instagram by encouraging fans to upload a picture with a hashtag saying either #creamthis or #cookiethis. Oreo worked with a team of talented artists to transform fan photos into life using either cream or cookie.

The finishing pieces are incredible and even if you didn’t decide to post a picture, it was still a ton of fun logging into Twitter or Instagram to check out what Oreo came up with!

Here are a few of our favorites:





Even though the Super Bowl is over, Oreo will continue to create amazing sculptures inspired by fan photos for the next couple days! Just this morning on the Oreo Twitter page, they stated:

And we all know that when the power went out during the game, the light bulbs in the Oreo marketing room stayed well lit with this bright idea posted on Twitter:

All we have to say about this tweet is whoever that marketing genius was behind the tweet deserves a raise immediately!

Happy Anniversary Oreo and kudos to you for hiring such a fabulous crew!