30 Ways a New Website Benefits You

There are a lot of reasons to get a new website or update your old one. Maybe you have your objections, or it’s been on your to-do list for a while. Either way, we bet there a few reasons you have not considered that would make it worthwhile.

  1. New websites are responsive for tablet and mobile devices.
  2. Your rank will improve in search engines.
  3. It can be tailored specifically for lead generation.
  4. Your website will look fresh and current, reflecting the personality of the business.
  5. You can easily add new content to your website via a content management system (like WordPress).
  6. Nearly 70% of customers shop or conduct research online. Customers who don’t find you will buy from someone else.
  7. You can integrate social media on your website.
  8. Your customers can find your location, operating hours, phone number, and other pertinent details easily.
  9. It upsells for you, no pushy salesmen needed.
  10. It saves costs on a brick and mortar location.
  11. It advertises when you sleep.
  12. A new website can track sales and growth trends.
  13. It can tell you who is interested in what you sell.
  14. You’ll stop being penalized by Google for a site that isn’t mobile-friendly.
  15. It can sell products that are hard to describe on the phone or on a piece of paper.
  16. It can generate positive reviews for your business.
  17. It can improve perception and increase awareness.
  18. No matter how popular you are now or how great business is, technology has leveled the playing field for competitors. It is a global market.
  19. You can make announcements to your consumers immediately.
  20. You can develop a loyal following through newsletters, blogs, and social posts.
  21. You can prove your authority in your field.
  22. It can amuse, entertain, and intrigue visitors so they keep coming back for more.
  23. You can address unhappy customers, problems, and issues before they escalate.
  24. It’s a great way to promote how your business is contributing to a cause in the community or even globally.
  25. It allows you to bring a product to market faster.
  26. You can allow consumers to create or select custom inventory you aren’t able to carry in stores.
  27. You can automate processes you may be doing manually.
  28. You’ll be prepared to cater to a whole new generation of tech-savvy users that are your future business prospects.
  29. You can stop being embarrassed to send people to your website.
  30. A new website allows you time to focus on things you love.

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