4 Myths About Video

Anyone who spends time investigating video as a marketing tool will come to the conclusion that it’s great. Video often encourages a response in the viewer and, if done well, that can mean making a purchase, sharing a post, following you on Facebook, or a hundred other actions you want the viewer to take. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few myths floating around about creating video content that we’d like to debunk.

Myth #1: Producing a video will cost me a fortune.

There are a lot of video houses out there that deliver top quality work, and they do cost top dollar. However, you rarely need the best talent or best equipment to get a great result. Sometimes keeping things simple, and more cost-effective is the way to go. Each case is unique, and one video may only need a few still shots with some music while another requires script writing, talent, props, and directing. Obviously, costs will vary, but it by no means puts professional video creation out of reach for most businesses. The point is even an inexpensive video should still make a professional impression, so find someone who understands your budget.

Myth #2: I can produce a great video myself.

Hundreds of articles explain how to create a video on the cheap, but in reality, this often results in a poor quality final product. It’s one thing if you’re sharing a message on a personal blog. It’s another if this video is the face of your business and is showcasing your capabilities. A great video needs planning, a script, possibly a storyboard, filming equipment, great lighting, a sense of timing, a director’s eye, editing software, and the knowledge to export and upload a video with the settings and quality you want. Those who attempt it without really understanding the complexities not only risk making a bad video, they risk tarnishing their image. We strongly recommend finding a partner who can handle those details.

Myth #3: I can control if my video goes viral.

Anyone promising you a viral video is likely stretching the truth. You can do a lot to make sure your video is very good, entertaining, high quality, etc., but the point of your video is not to go viral. That’s a bonus. The point is to reach your intended audience and keep them interested so they take the appropriate action and think of you fondly. Work with someone who wants to make you a great video, not someone who promises to make you a viral video.

Myth #4: Creating a video won’t really change anything for my business.

If you create a quality video and post it on your website or social networks, you will likely see higher site traffic, improved SEO, and an increase in social buzz. A 2016 report on the state of the video makes it clear that viewers are much more likely to take action, remember you, and return if you produce video content. Not creating video content today actually puts you in the minority, especially for B2B. We also advise not resting on your laurels. If you create a great video, get your mileage out of it, and then produce more before you get left in the digital dust.

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