7 Tips for the 2013 Creative Professional

We believe 2013 is going to be our most enticing, fun and energetic year yet. Of course, we can’t jump the gun without making a few New Year’s resolutions to spark some creative thrill. And when I say New Year’s resolutions, we’re not talking about the most effective diets or giving up chocolate (go ahead – eat as much chocolate as you want, I’m eating chocolate as I write this). We’re talking about making this year your most confident and inspiring 12 months ever. All it takes is some minor changes in your normal routine to help fuel your creative energy.

Check out our top 7 tips from our professionals on how to stay inspired and confident in 2013:

1. Blog More

During the late winter months, here’s your chance to snuggle up with your Snuggie and a latte, and catch up on some blogging. Okay – so you can scratch the snuggie, but the point is blogging can help promote your portfolio online and communicate with others who have similar interests. Even if it’s through work or it’s a personal blog, come up with a blogging goal for the year. If you own a business, work with your social media team in order to come up with ideas to strengthen your service or product via blogging. A study shows that businesses who blog lead to 55% more visitors to their website.

Tiny Tip: Check out this brand new article full of resources for bloggers with links here.

2. Organize Your Resources

Organize your resources, favorite articles, designs, and whatever else inspires you using sites like Evernote or Pinterest. That way, you’ll be more motivated to search through them when you are looking for some inspiration. If your resources are cluttered or hard to find, you’ll lose the desire to look at anything. If you prefer to print things out, try designing a mood board for your office or at home.

“I keep my folder organized by date because what inspires us today may not inspire us tomorrow.” – Chuck Fischer, Web Developer

Tiny Tip: If you are a writer or a researcher, using Evernote may be your best bet. If you’re a designer constantly looking for images, use Pinterest.

3. Collaborate with Others

“Networking with other designers who can brainstorm with you, challenges, and expands your knowledge to inspire. Keep and surround oneself with a network of these people and meet up once in a while even just for coffee.” – Graphic Designer, Mars Manderic

4. Approach Your Work with Confidence

In the creative field, the work you do won’t attract the attention it needs if you are not on board with it. Always present your work with confidence. If it’s a collaborative project, try your best to make sure everyone is just as psyched as you are with it.

“The team presenting needs to be all on the same page. Make sure you’re in love with what you are presenting.” – Graphic Designer, Mars Manderico

5. Change Your Morning Routine

Jumping out of bed, rushing into the shower, and leaving the house without having a chance to sip your coffee; does that sound familiar? Once in a while, that extra few snoozes can be worth it, but when you make a habit of it, the energy used on rushing out the door without giving your body a chance to even stretch will exhaust you before 9am hits.

I’ve noticed on my most creative days I give myself at least 20 minutes to look through my favorite blogs or read an interesting, well written article online or in print. This helps my brain focus before stepping foot inside the office. And if the boss decides to call a 9am Monday morning meeting, I’ll be ready!

Tiny Tip: Health experts say that drinking hot water with lemon gives you more energy than a cup of coffee [Read Article].

6. Experiment with New Technologies

Our web developers have been focusing on responsive design to ensure the content they develop for our clients is accessible on any type of device. If you’re in a creative industry that concentrates strongly on technology, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in a rut by not trying and experimenting with new things. Clients are impressed when you show your capabilities in new technology. Letting them know that you have a good handle on what is the next best thing in 2013 will enhance your credibility.

“Knowing what technologies are out there and how we can design for them is just another way to stand out as an authority on design.” – Chuck Fischer, Web Developer

“It helps me tremendously to keep on top of new technologies, because there’s always something out there that can make our jobs more efficient.” – Stacia Ellermeier, Graphic Designer

Tiny Tip: The app Pocket allows you to save online articles or web pages on your tablet or iPod touch so you can read them – images included – when you are not within a WiFi location. 

7. Express Change at Work

At Streng Design & Advertising, the year 2013 is all about change. Our team has been taking the time to gather new ideas in order to lead 2013 in the right direction. Change won’t happen unless you speak up! The start of a new year is a great time to express your thoughts with your co-workers and employer. If you believe you have an idea that could possibly change your work environment in a positive light, now is the best time to tell someone. Don’t be afraid to bring up change in the next company meeting.