Audrey Hepburn Makes a Deadly Debut in the 2013 Galaxy Commercial

Supposedly, nothing can stop Ms. Audrey Hepburn from taking a delicious bite out of a Galaxy chocolate bar, even if she has to come back from the dead for it. Did you know that Audrey Hepburn had to limit herself to one piece of chocolate a day? Now that’s the secret to a thin, ballerina body, huh? She often told the press how much she loved chocolate and how it made her feel happy. Audrey Hepburn and Galaxy chocolate bars – a match made in heaven.

Gap was the first to take her classic Funny Face scene to sell new black slacks, but the Gap commercial doesn’t put a chill down my spine like this one does. With advanced technology, this commercial really portrays Audrey so realistically, it’s quite scary. When I first watched it, I was so amazed; I had to replay it a few times. The commercial is beautiful, eye-catching, and molto classico.

However, there’s definitely some controversy about the commercial. Some say it’s terribly disrespectful while others seem to think Ms. Hepburn would have loved it. Her two sons recently mentioned that their mother would have been happy or in their words “thrilled” about the ad, especially since she had such a love for chocolate.

The sons did, however, collect a fee for Galaxy to use Hepburn’s image, but I still believe they are right about it all. The commercial was tasteful, romantic, and very Audrey. If anything, the commercial will only attract even younger fans of Audrey; a positive reciprocation for Ms Hepburn’s legacy.

The commercial was, of course, a clever marketing stunt and it’s not the first time deceased celebrities have been used to sell product. In this particular case, the ad displayed Audrey taking a bite of chocolate and enjoying a “Roman Holiday.” The ad was more than just a way to sell chocolate, but a wonderful tribute to one of her favorite things in the world – chocolate.

“Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for people; it does for me.”
–Audrey Hepburn