Trying to Understand Brand Marketing and How It Might Work For Your Company? This Will Get You Started

Just what is Brand Marketing

Trying to understand Brand Marketing and how it might work for your company? This will get you started on the path to enlightenment.

The era of “Mad Men” is long gone. But the power of exceptional brand marketing has grown and matured to the point that it dominates like no other form of advertising today. What does this mean for your business? It means that understanding brand marketing is absolutely crucial in our fast-paced, web-driven world.

Finding the right branding agency for your business is the first step. Now, this may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. A basic understanding of how brand marketing works in the 21st century goes a long way in clearing the confusion. With that in mind, Streng Agency breaks it down here in a way that should help ease the stress of figuring out which branding agency is the right one for your business.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing Basics

Always connected, always on. That’s the world we live in today. Get online, tap the screen or punch a key and brand marketing experiences flow forth like a river of digital, social, and mobile trade. When a business doesn’t know how to navigate these waters, it’s a bad thing. But when it does, the milk and honey rush in.

So, how do you make that happen? What makes the difference between your business being pulled under by the current of brand marketing, out of sight of your target audience, or riding the crest right to the top spot on Google and other major search engines? The first great principle is understanding what brand marketing is and what it is not.

What Brand Marketing Is

Brand marketing is the catalyst that excites the customer’s awareness of your reason for being. It informs them about your brand’s advantages over the competition and streamlines their investigation into your company’s superiority, services, and perks. It can do this a number of ways: through website design, creative campaigns, email journeys, social networking and more.

Wasting a customer’s time is the surest way to lose their interest. Making it as easy for them to get the answers they’re looking for is the surest way to help them decide to purchase your company’s product and/or services. Quick, quality answers are a crucial element of branding.

Quality branding is also about building customer trust in your business’s reputation. Just mentioning your brand or seeing your brand’s logo should trigger positive perceptions and evoke memories of a quality experience with your company.

What Brand Marketing Is Not

Brand marketing is not just a clever logo, a trendy color palette, and a stylish font. Not anymore. And it certainly isn’t slapping your company’s name and that oh-so-fabulous logo onto every cyber surface (and a physical one, for that matter) that’s available.

The outdated shotgun style of marketing isn’t a sound strategy. At best, it’s the fastest route to becoming invisible right in plain sight. At worst, to a prospective customer or client, it’s annoying to the point that it drives them right into the waiting arms of your competition.

What Makes Outstanding Brand Marketing

Attracting new customers to your business and keeping your brand lively in the minds of your existing ones is the ultimate goal of brand marketing. And trying to out-scream the competition doesn’t do a thing but add to the grey noise that customers are always trying to tune out. So, what do you do to help your customers separate your signal from that noise?

A quality branding agency takes a holistic approach. This includes:

  • Storytelling that is engaging and original
  • Data research that is both quantitative and qualitative
  • Brand identity management that is advanced and comprehensive
  • A social media presence that keeps up with and even anticipates changes
  • Corporate/internal communications that keep essential personnel informed
  • Keeping a constant pulse on the latest technology

Let’s detail each of the above a little more.

Engaging, Original Storytelling

Ever hear of the term “monkey writers?” It harkens back to the early days of web and brand marketing when businesses were desperate to load their sites with content. Any content. Any quality. Just pound out words in the right density in the hopes of forcing the early search engine algorithms to sit up and take notice.

That meant hiring writers to mindlessly produce content as fast as possible. Don’t worry about quality, just pump it out! The thing is, the public caught on to that scam pretty damn quickly. No quality branding agency today ever keeps a stable of “monkey writers.” They hire real talent.

Engaging, Original Storytelling

Ever hear of the term “monkey writers?” It harkens back to the early days of web and brand marketing when businesses were desperate to load their sites with content. Any content. Any quality. Just pound out words in the right density in the hopes of forcing the early search engine algorithms to sit up and take notice.

That meant hiring writers to mindlessly produce content as fast as possible. Don’t worry about quality, just pump it out! The thing is, the public caught on to that scam pretty damn quickly. No quality branding agency today ever keeps a stable of “monkey writers.” They hire real talent.

Engaging, original storytelling starts with talented writers. But it doesn’t end there.

Telling your company’s story in an original way that engages and captivates also involves exceptionally creative talent in the digital fields. Riveting videos, stand-out graphics, “killer apps,” and more all come together to offer customers and prospective customers a fully engaging experience that keeps them coming back.

Data Research that Tells You the Whole Story

For brand marketing to be the best it can be, it needs to be built on a solid platform of in-depth, relevant data research and marketing automation. After all, if you can’t accurately tell if your branding is making the right impact on the right target audience, you’re doing the cyber equivalent of throwing darts blindfolded.

Your branding agency should be providing you broad spectrum data research and tracking that takes the pulse of every branding tool in your kit. This includes continual feedback coming in on video, app, social platform updates, and more. When this is done right, you get actionable insights that define optimum placement of brand marketing and media investment.

If your brand isn’t your business’s most valuable intellectual property, then your branding agency isn’t doing it right.

Today, more than ever branding must be fleet of foot, ready to anticipate changes in both technology and customer interest so your company can be at the waypoint ready to meet them instead of struggling to keep up. That’s why choosing a branding agency that has expert understanding of brand identity management, social publishing, press release attribution, corporate and internal communications, event management, influencer relations, and more is absolutely crucial in 21st century brand marketing.

Social Media Presence

There was a time when a company could have one employee split his/her workload between regular duties and working on the business’s social media presence. In the bygone era of MySpace, some companies might get by covering the very basics of social media brand marketing in-house.

If you try doing that today…well, good luck with that. There are quite literally hundreds of social media platforms vying for the public’s attention. Never doubt that the next social media phenome is out there, poised to do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace. Keeping up with the technology and having the know-how to produce relevant, engaging, click-worthy content on the right media platforms is a hallmark of a quality branding agency.

Maintaining a social media presence isn’t a take-it-or-leave-it option in brand marketing anymore.

Social media rules. Social media is king. And a branding agency that is fully conversant in advanced social publishing tool integration is the king whisperer.

Corporate/Internal Communications

Who better to keep your employees and corporate officers updated and well-informed than the agency you’ve hired to steer the brand marketing ship? After all effective, engaging communication is what a branding agency does all day, every day.

A branding agency of exceptional quality can include services that integrate corporate and internal communications. Keeping the tasks of creating and generating internal newsletters or other communications under the same roof that covers brand marketing makes tracking internal communications and employee engagement in events and campaigns efficient and effective.

Understanding Technology

Brand marketing requires more tech savvy and fluidity than ever before. Ours is a highly connected and rapidly changing world that produces challenges and opportunities at breakneck speed. For example, consider the evolution of comparison shopping. It’s no longer just about price checking.

Consumers want to research product quality and your company’s reputation and trustworthiness. They want to know what makes your product or service exceptional. Do you stand behind your product? Has your company earned positive reviews?

Every customer purchase is an important one.

Sure, some products and services are very basic and every-day. But in our vast global economy, the days when “any old” will do are long gone. That means without the right technology in place to respond quickly to their requests, allow them to thoroughly examine your product or study your services on a virtual level, and purchase that product or service quickly and easily, customers will leave you and your competitors with the ease of a button click or a screen tap.

Summing It Up

The days of chain-smoking fast talking ad men are long gone. And consumers today say, “Good riddance!” Customer savvy and exceptional brand marketing have both matured like no other time in marketing history. And that means your company has to embrace these fast-paced times or be relegated to the “once was.” Marketing history is littered with legendary companies that were not nimble enough to compete with business model disruptors.

The first step in being a success in 21st century business is to quit treating brand marketing as a static, one-size-fits-all solution. This means understanding that today’s successful brand marketing is a multi-faceted, intricate, and web driven.

Telling one of your employees in Data Entry to maintain a company FaceBook page during spare minutes just won’t cut it.

If you want to blow the doors off your competition as you zoom past them, finding the right branding agency for your business is crucial. Doing that isn’t such a daunting task when you take a little time to understand the basic elements of effective brand marketing.

When interviewing a branding agency, ask them what sets them apart from other agencies. They shouldn’t hesitate to direct you to a list of their present client companies when you request it. In fact, they should beat you to the punch!

Be sure to find out the following through interviews and research:

  • Engaging, original storytelling through writing and media
  • Data research that provides both quantitative and qualitative insight
  • Brand identity management using advanced and comprehensive means
  • Social media savvy that is current with today’s trends and even anticipates changes
  • Corporate/internal communications geared to keep all essential company personnel in engaged and well-informed
  • Constantly updating to keep up with the latest technology

Today’s businesses cannot afford to be tone deaf to brand marketing. And respect for the intelligence of consumers has never been more important than it is today. Just as brand marketing has matured and evolved, so too have today’s business customers. Our digital world has made it easier than ever for them to research, assess, and find the business that serves them best.

Quality products and service has always inspired brand loyalty in consumers. But first, they have to be able to see and hear your company through the dazzle and the clamor of the 21st century bazaar that is our web driven economy. And that’s where quality brand marketing comes in.

Brand marketing keeps your business from being pulled under by the current of our ever-changing economy. It helps you climb the search engine ladder right to page 1. And it helps keep you there by setting you above the rest and helping your target audience understand why your company deserves their business and loyalty.

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