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Does your business sell products that customers can buy from a product catalog? Do you have salespeople who would be more effective if they had a reference URL to send customers? If so, then you need to also set up a website that shows off your products. It allows your customers to find you and your products easier and from anywhere. Understanding the advantages of a product catalog website helps you see the benefits it could provide your company. You also need to make sure that you go with an experienced product catalog website design company to get all those benefits.

What Is a Product Catalog Website?

A product catalog website is just a place where you can showcase the products that your company has. It is a great way to show what makes your company different from the rest. Many believe that they need to sell their products online through a website. While this is a good idea for some, not everyone will benefit from this setup. The best solution may be having a product catalog website. The difference between an eCommerce store and a product catalog website is the sales functionality. Having an online catalog of your products does not mean you sell them on your website. If you do sell them from your website, you then have an eCommerce website.

By simply having a product catalog website, you let your customers see what you have to offer. You may sell your products in-person or through salespeople, on bigger websites like or, or you may just sell to businesses. The act of having a product catalog website lets potential customers find you. Plus, it lets you show how your products or services are different than what others offer. It could be a great way to boost your presence with suppliers, wholesalers, or even retailers who may want to carry your products.


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Are There Any Advantages to Having a Product Catalog Website?

For those who do not have a product catalog website, the advantages may not be obvious. However, there are many benefits to using a website like this to show off your products. Here are a few of them. Would any of these be a reason to put your products online?

  • It is less expensive to maintain a product catalog website than a paper catalog.
  • With a product catalog website, you can have separate catalogs for each niche or avenue of customers you want your business to have.
  • You can get your products in front of consumers more quickly.
  • Your marketing efforts can be more agile and equally as effective.
  • You do not have traditional limits that a paper catalog would have.
  • Whenever a product changed, the fix is immediate.
  • Your customer service can remain flexible.
  • A website allows you to gather data of your specific customers and their behaviors.
  • Your website gives your customers a way to be interactive with your brand.
  • You can scale your business up and down in different markets until you find the right audience.
  • Social media is much easier to use with a digital catalog.
  • Your customers can find you anywhere they are, from any type of device they prefer.

These are some of the reasons to consider using a product catalog website. However, there are more. You can tailor your website to what your customers specifically ask to see. You know your products best, and you also know what questions your customers tend to ask. By taking the time to explain your products in detail, you can bypass many of these questions. That allows your customers to feel more secure when they order products from you.

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