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Does your business sell products that customers can buy from a product catalog? Do you have salespeople who would be more effective if they had a reference URL to send customers? If so, then you need to also set up a website that shows off your products. It allows your customers to find you and your products easier and from anywhere. Understanding the advantages of a product catalog website helps you see the benefits it could provide your company. You also need to make sure that you go with an experienced product catalog website design company to get all those benefits.

What Is a Product Catalog Website?

A product catalog website is just a place where you can showcase the products that your company has. It is a great way to show what makes your company different from the rest. Many believe that they need to sell their products online through a website. While this is a good idea for some, not everyone will benefit from this setup. The best solution may be having a product catalog website. The difference between an eCommerce store and a product catalog website is the sales functionality. Having an online catalog of your products does not mean you sell them on your website. If you do sell them from your website, you then have an eCommerce website.

By simply having a product catalog website, you let your customers see what you have to offer. You may sell your products in-person or through salespeople, on bigger websites like or, or you may just sell to businesses. The act of having a product catalog website lets potential customers find you. Plus, it lets you show how your products or services are different than what others offer. It could be a great way to boost your presence with suppliers, wholesalers, or even retailers who may want to carry your products.


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Are There Any Advantages to Having a Product Catalog Website?

For those who do not have a product catalog website, the advantages may not be obvious. However, there are many benefits to using a website like this to show off your products. Here are a few of them. Would any of these be a reason to put your products online?

  • It is less expensive to maintain a product catalog website than a paper catalog.
  • With a product catalog website, you can have separate catalogs for each niche or avenue of customers you want your business to have.
  • You can get your products in front of consumers more quickly.
  • Your marketing efforts can be more agile and equally as effective.
  • You do not have traditional limits that a paper catalog would have.
  • Whenever a product changed, the fix is immediate.
  • Your customer service can remain flexible.
  • A website allows you to gather data of your specific customers and their behaviors.
  • Your website gives your customers a way to be interactive with your brand.
  • You can scale your business up and down in different markets until you find the right audience.
  • Social media is much easier to use with a digital catalog.
  • Your customers can find you anywhere they are, from any type of device they prefer.

These are some of the reasons to consider using a product catalog website. However, there are more. You can tailor your website to what your customers specifically ask to see. You know your products best, and you also know what questions your customers tend to ask. By taking the time to explain your products in detail, you can bypass many of these questions. That allows your customers to feel more secure when they order products from you.

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Who Can Benefit from a Product Catalog Website?

Your audience is a main reason to set up a product catalog website. However, they are not the only reason. Both regular and potential customers can come to your website and learn more about you and what you offer. However, others can also benefit from this type of setup as well. Here are just a few groups that could benefit from you investing in a product catalog website:

When your salespeople can refer a potential customer to a URL, it helps them sell your products. The product descriptions have details the salesperson may not know off the top of their head. Plus, it contains images that can help the customer decide.
When someone wants to resell your product for you, they can turn their potential customers to your product catalog website. It helps them make a bigger impact with your products than their words alone.
When someone has a question, the people that manage and store your products can look for the answer on your website. If you have a high-quality product catalog website, they can reference your site, pack products accordingly, and answer any question asked of them.
Marketers often need visuals to go with their marketing speeches. Having a product catalog website that provides every detail plus images gives them an edge. They can show your products while speaking, enabling them to market your company more effectively.
When you have others who carry your products, they can link back to your catalog website. This allows customers to see answers to questions they may have. Plus, it allows your vendors to always have the most recent information on any product of yours that they carry.

Considerations When Considering Product Catalog Website Design

There are many things you will need to keep in mind when creating a product catalog website. All of these need to be part of your website design if you want to make the most of it. Plus, it will also help your website rank in terms of SEO. Here are the top few considerations so you can ensure you reach the vast majority of your audience.

  • Devices: Your audience is going to come to your product catalog website from a wide array of devices. Make sure your website is user-friendly enough to give them a full view of each product, no matter what device they prefer.
  • Your Audience: You are going to have a wide range of people coming to your website as well. Make sure the terminology you use on the website is user-friendly. Talk to your audience in a way that informs them. However, do not use too many terms only those in your industry would understand.
  • Navigation: The product catalog website design needs to be intuitive. People need to be able to find what they want easily. If it takes too much time to find what they want or need, they will go elsewhere.
  • Proof: You want to make sure that your product catalog website design uses proof that people like what you offer. This can be done with testimonials and reviews of your products. You can also accomplish this with case studies. Make sure that you show proof that your brand of products is the best and why.
  • Accurate Descriptions: One thing that will drive potential customers away is having a bunch of gibberish on pages where descriptions of your products could or should be. Make sure your descriptions are full and true.


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Features Your Catalog Website Will Need

When starting your product catalog website design, you need to make sure you think of the entire website in terms of features. What will help your customers know what to pick? How will your customers know how to contact you for help or more information? The features you put in your website matter, and you need to ensure that you keep your customer in mind during the design phase. Include things like these to get the most out of your website:

  • Calls-to-Action that provide contact information at regular intervals.
  • Categories that will make sense to your users.
  • Content on your website that shows your desire to inform your customers. This should include things like blogs, social media, and even products that relate.
  • Images that show your products in as much detail as possible.
  • Anything that sets your company apart from the competition. If you appear as the same as the next company, you may lose out. Show what makes you special or unique.

Tips to Ensure Your Product Catalog Looks Perfect for Your Audience

One of the most important tips to ensure you have the best, most functional product catalog website design is ensuring you focus on your audience. You need to know your ideal buyer. Who is this person? By focusing on the person who would not think twice about buying your product, you ensure your website provides that person all of the details he or she would want. Break down who they are on many different levels.

  • What age are they?
  • What type of industry do they work in?
  • Can you get an idea of what their income and lifestyle would be like?
  • How would your product help make their life easier?

The more specific your questions and answers are, the more you can dial in on what they would react to. This can help improve your conversion rates and sales when your products are sold. Get to know your audience on a deep level. Then, you can ensure your product catalog website caters to their specific needs.

What Information Should Your Product Catalog Website Include?

Each product description must be unique. It should also be as accurate as possible. You want to give your customers as much information as possible. They want to see and read all of the specs of your product before buying. Here are pieces of information you need to ensure are in each product description that fills your catalog:

  • Item Description
  • Dimensions of Each Item (including length, width, height, and weight)
  • Features Each Product Has
  • Guarantees That Come with Each Product
  • Certifications if They Apply to Your Products
  • Discounts for Bulk Buying, Early Purchases, or Buying Out of Season
  • How to Use Each Product Properly
  • A Full Set of Product Images
  • The Price of Each Product
  • How to Return the Product If You Allow Returns
  • Materials Used to Make the Product
  • Sizes That Apply to Your Products (Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, etc.)
  • Versions That Apply to Your Products
  • Year the Product Was Originally Launched

What to Look for When Considering Product Catalog Website Design

Company considerations are incredibly important when it comes to product catalog website design. Not all catalog website design companies are the same. You, ideally, want a company that can both build (or update) your website and sub-sequentially maintain it. If they only build it then leave it to you, you may feel overwhelmed or not update the website as often as it should be.

You also want a company with experience. This is a delicate website to build. If you set it up wrong, your customers could get stuck with a website that functions poorly. Ideally, the company will focus on building catalog websites for companies much like your own. This lets you know that their past endeavors were successful, which can help build up your confidence in their skills.

The company should also be highly communicative. You want them to talk to you regularly about what is going on. There should be regular calls or emails letting you know how the website is going. Plus, you should feel confident that they are going to reach out to you with any questions they have. These allow you to pick the perfect product catalog website design company for your needs.

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