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Top 6 Best Benefits: Manufacturing Website Design & Optimization

  • Easily & effectively communicate the value of your products and services with clarity and precision.
  • Make your website your sales team’s best wingman and surpass the visibility you’ve gotten in the past from trade shows.
  • Attract & engage engineers and technical buyers
  • Increase the bandwidth and expertise of your marketing team.
  • Enhance better support to sales & marketing
  • Stay up to date with latest Google changes and exposure online

Balancing Specifications with Possibilities through Case Studies

Your marketing needs show the value and quality of your offerings while providing sufficient specifications for engineers and technically-minded buyers, as well as tools to help them persuade senior leaders and purchasing departments. Custom or OEM products and services require case studies and detailed information to show how what you’ve done in the past applies to their unique needs, providing trust that you can solve their current problem.

Technical and Sophisticated Marketing for Technical and Sophisticated Customers

To achieve higher quality and quantity lead generation, you need to:

  • Engage and empower your niche audiences.
  • Offer a great digital experience.
  • Share relevant information that speaks their language.
  • Avoid filler material.

We help manufacturing and industrial companies gain market share and surpass the competition through modern marketing, with nimble plans that are geared to prioritize your ROI.


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Streng Agency’s Approach to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence

Streng Agency has a four-step approach to exceeding your business needs:

1 Investigate

We pull back the proverbial curtain and analyze all the industry research we can get our grubby hands on in order to evaluate the brand from every possible angle.

2 Illuminate

Our goal is to discover the brand truths by identifying opportunities and closing the communication gaps between Product/Service, Category Silo and the real Consumer Truths.

3 Invent-igate

Take all of our recently gained knowledge and insightful brand truths we have learned and use it to create an integrated communication plan.

4 Integrate

Now we develop an executional media plan that defines all tactics and timing for placing the brand in the crosshairs of the consumer.

Some Sample Work

Supplementary Services to Boost Your Business Web Site

In addition to creating engaging websites that will attract new customers, Streng Agency provides a comprehensive list of services that will aid with bringing customers to your website and making sales, including:

  • Videos to enhance web sites and their search rankings.
  • Brand identity, including logos, content, and color schemes.
  • Copywriting content to provide additional information and boost search rankings.
  • Search engine optimization to make your web site rise to the top of search results.
  • Strategic analysis to pinpoint and target your desired audience.

Websites for Manufacturing & Industry

We help manufacturing and industrial companies engage engineers, technical buyers, and senior leaders, while positioning you as a leading supplier. The benefits of hiring Streng Agency to create your business web site include:

  • Standing apart from the competition.
  • Generating more quality leads.
  • Closing more business.

Streng Agency Turns Visitors into Customers

Streng Agency has proven experience in creating quality websites and content for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence.
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