Digital Marketing

It’s a little more than 1’s and 0’s. It’s really the consideration of all the warm fuzzy interfacing channels we want the consumers to see.

Has anybody seen my SEO? Last I saw, it was hanging out with my PPC and about take a ride on my interface.

So along came the digital age and at first it was a collection of people that learned how 1’s and 0’s could relate to each other and the consumer and it was a rather arid impartial landscape. It has progressed and meandered it’s way into a holistic way of life that sees us reaching for our phones before we get out of bed. So whereas before we tried to target daytime, nighttime, prime-time and break-time, now we target 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We live eat and breath content. It is served up to us every waking moment we are able to retrieve it. There is no hiding from it unless you are interested in building off the grid in a remote Alaskan forest. But even there they have satellites that fly over every 17 minutes. So whether its Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn or just your brands own website, we know how they all interface and what makes them all play nice together. Remember it’s not just about what we know now but what “we” know is coming around the corner that will keep your brand in-touch with your consumer. Even at 3 am when they are just dreaming about where to get the best chocolate chip cookie in Tallahassee!

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