Web Design & Web Development

From Pencils to Pixels, Keylines to Cursors, Oh My!

Your website is a true digital business where consumers increasingly go first to learn and ultimately make a decision to act and you look to drive brand awareness and sales. Today’s user expects intuitive interfaces, responsive design, and organized content. And that’s what we deliver.

Here at Streng Agency, we design and develop mobile friendly responsive websites that engage their visitors, communicate brand awareness, are easy to navigate, look amazing and most importantly, create action. Our web design and web development solutions include a content management system (CMS) on the back-end, allowing you complete control of the website’s content, pages, images and navigation. Our expert team of website design professionals have the experience and technical skills to make your website stand out from the competition.

What Sets Us Apart

As the virtual face of the brand, your website is something that you can take control of. It is held to a high level of scrutiny in today’s digital on-demand world. Its design and its voice need to be contemporary and compelling to the viewing customer base as well as to potential employees looking to glean specific information about the culture, professionalism, and social environment that every company must now address. No longer is it acceptable to just be “on the web”. You have to be visually engaging. You need to wade into the viewer’s expectations, consider them, and answer the question, “Why do I care?” This is the first major concern for brands on the web. Is anybody going to really care? The second concern is if this representation of the brand is engaging to the viewer. Is the brand able to speak to the viewer in a meaningful way? Lastly, will the brand be represented appropriately to the viewer?

All of these questions are considered when crafting a new website design. It’s no longer just pretty pictures and buzz words. It is incredible contemporary design with truly honest and meaningful content driven by an in-depth strategic direction.