Relationship Marketing

Creating content and materials used in the research and communal sales processes which allows us to get to better know the masses.

High Ho, High Ho it’s off to focus groups we go.

No, we’re not saying that every focus group is going to tell us the truth but we have become pretty adept at getting the real meaning out of them.
Dan Ogilvy often said, “test, test and retest and then test again!” Well, he also said, “What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it!” Learning the difference between the two is often a lifelong pursuit, one which we have saddled ourselves with and we’re still riding.

Understanding the true relationship with consumers and brands is a fine art that is a culmination of many things that make up the visual and audio impact we hope to have on them. Developing and maintaining that relationship is a difficult task considering the demo and the marketing channels are constantly in flux. An ever-changing, ever-morphing beast of an environment that agencies have to remain in tune with in order to retain a true connection with consumers and how they react to marketing and advertising.

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It’s all about loyalty, interaction & long-term engagement

Creating a relationship with the consumer is our goal here. We are looking to develop strong connections with the consumer. We do this by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests. We want to prompt an open line of communication between brand and consumer.


Lets’ get the consumer in the game. Provide them with opportunities to interact with the brand.


Be it Direct Mail, Email, or social media, let’s start a conversation with the consumer now and keep it going.


What is our voice, what is our tone and how do we position our rhetoric in the minds of our consumers!

Focus Group Testing

Get feedback from consumers that actually fit into our demographic and would love to tell us about it.

Dealer/Sales Force

These are the people that represent the brand. The first line of defense against a bad consumer experience.


Let them know you care and be consistent in your conversations about relationships.

Do they like Blue or Red? Let’s chat.