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Our approach simplifies social media so that both large and small companies in St. Charles and beyond not only understand it but can use it to accomplish their goals all within a structured plan build around your brand. Most importantly, we are about helping you understand how social media can help your business!

Our Process

Where hardworking design meets strategic thinking.

1 Kick-Off

We begin with a Kick-off meeting where we go over any questions about social media. We then produce a Goals Worksheet, and a timeline for execution.

2 Ideas

Our Ideas Session is about finding the core ideas and stories that will be the key elements and building blocks in generating the content.

3 Editorial

We design and build out each social media channel. Editorial calendar includes: Our Game Plan, a monthly blueprint of what you want to accomplish.

4 The Buzz

Monthly reporting and modifications assist to achieve the goals and show how well the social media strategy is working related back to your business goals.

St. Charles Social Media Marketing that gets Results!

Social Media reaches 8 out of 10 of all internet users in the United States. 71% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand that they are following on a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook.

The best way to invest in social media is to just get into the game. Our social media marketing approach gives you clear and concise deliverables. We work with you to establish project goals and milestones. Then we manage the process and deliver results.

Is social media marketing really that important?

Billions of conversations are going on and a portion of those are about your brand. Whether you like it or not competitors, vendors, fans, and customers are having conversations about your business. You can either let it happen or choose to get in the game and try to manage the conversation.

Just what is the reach?

The key is reaching out to customers in a meaningful way. One way is to work with industry partners to promote and brand your products and services. Another way is to put your brand in the hands of mobile customers that can extend your product and service awareness.

What are the real benefits?

Controlling the conversation and governing a positive impact on your brandon social media is a small part of the equation. Each structured social plan is specific to the company/brand. The two main ways that social marketing benefits a brand is by creating additional brand awareness at a very economical cost.

Work With Us

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We live, eat, think and breath creative. Well, we actually eat a lot of pizza and doughnuts but we do live, think and breath creative. So give us a call or stop by and say hello. You’ll make a new friend and don’t forget the doughnuts!

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