Strategic Planning

Ah, keeping all the cats corralled while planning a path to take the brand down in the world wide marketing pool we’re swimming in.

Somebody has to be the strategic keeper of the gate and the directional guru. And no we didn’t hire your mother, but it feels like it.

Nobody likes to have to keep track of all the info, all the deadlines, all the stock art, the content, and reasons why we are doing what we are doing. Well except for the account team. It’s what they live their life for. Finding that barcode from 17 years ago that is now relevant or that image of a rare white squirrel from South Carolina, yeah they do that. They also do a lot more!

They are the ones that work so diligently to pull the true strategic direction out of the muck and mire of 30 conversations with 20 different people on ten different days and actually make it all mean something to the true direction that the brand should be taking along the great marketing highway. Don’t even get me started on how they define all the roadblocks along the way that get thrown up in front the consumer attempting to derail the brand communication. But, yeah, they do that too!

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