Digital Branding & the Beauty of Simplicity

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Digital Branding: It’s Not Stupid to Keep It Simple

When you think “digital branding,” do you think “complex?” It doesn’t have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It may seem a contradiction, but simplicity enhances brand identity. Particularly in this age of ever-increasing complexity, simplicity is the very thing that brands need to get right. Without it, your business risks mass customer defection.

Now, if you read the literal description of digital branding it seems crazy complicated. But that’s the nuts, bolts, and mechanics that the pros know how to handle. No, in this article, we’re talking about the simplicity of brand messaging. Designing brand identity with such elegance that your business is the first one to blossom in the mind of your prospective client or customer.

Take Your Digital Branding Cues from the Monarchs of Modern Messaging

Take a virtual tour of online ads. Or take a real stroll around a shopping mall. Feast your eyes on the likes of Google, Amazon, or Apple. The strongest brands of the past decade fully get the power of simplicity in digital branding.

These giants’ brand identity success is directly traceable to the philosophy of simplicity. This is because they know that making life simple for the people who use their products and services is why they make the big bucks. And they understand simplicity rules when it comes to digital branding, too.

So, here’s a simple question about simplicity: If this works for the biggest brands, shouldn’t it work for your digital branding, too?

Brand Identity Should be Easy to Remember

Your customers don’t like complex when it comes to buying. They have lives. They have problems. They have needs. And one of the biggest needs they have is to simplify their lives and get solutions to their problems.

They couldn’t care less about how spectacularly intricate your digital branding is. What they want to know is that you have something that makes their life easier. Get to the point, or get out of their way.

Here’s the rub: How do you keep your digital branding both simple and memorable?

Park Your Ego

Listen, we get it. You’ve got to have such faith in your product that you believe your customers can’t live without it. But, in reality, that’s rarely true. Most digital branding doesn’t even register with a customer. As for the rest, almost all are fleeting events in their overworked, overstressed lives.

Good digital branding will map out the consumers’ experiences when they seek ways to simplify buying, eliminate confusion, and get rid of unnecessary steps in getting what they want. But complications also need to be removed in ways that add value.

The best digital branding does this by delivering a “double easy.” 

The greatest brands of our time focus attention on digital branding that meshes with consumers’ overall life. The idea is to deliver a “double easy”: make your product or service easier to buy and clearly show that it will make their lives easier, too.

Take, for example, Amazon’s one-click ordering. When Amazon was just a pup, the prevailing brand identity theory of the day was to keep customers glued to a company’s website for as long as possible to gain optimal interaction and engagement. That, so said the digital branding sages of old, was the way to boost buying.

Amazon’s approach flew in the face of that conventional wisdom.

Instead, they created a system that allowed consumers to store preferences and purchase info through a simple one-click method. Consumer satisfaction went through the roof.

Today, the simplicity of Amazon’s 1-click ordering remains the bedrock of its brand promise. 13-plus years later, their simplicity and customer-centricity philosophy has become the staple of countless other manufacturers, stores, and providers.

Digital branding at its most subtle and simple best.

Step By Step and Beyond

Simplifying digital branding goes beyond the elimination of steps. It clarifies language and uses intuitive graphics. Brand identity that succeeds through simplicity weaves the whole branding concept into a seamless clarity.

Apple gets this. It has for decades. Their devices are beautiful, yet simple to understand and use as soon as buyers pull them from the box. Perhaps no brand has better realized how every aspect of a product matters when it comes to simplicity.

Apple goes beyond. They go deep. Every aspect of their business model is designed for simplification in a way that attracts and keeps customers.