Grunyk Signage Design & Installation

Only a few short months ago, we were contacted by Grunyk Family Law, a growing law firm in Naperville, IL, to develop a new brand and support collateral. Part of the rebranding included designing, producing, and installing office signage. Grunyk’s corporate office is located in the iconic 5th Avenue Station building in Naperville. The building is an historic site with a warm, inviting interior full of brick, polished wood and big windows. It’s a dream space to work in. You can take a look at it here.

Installation team squeegees frosted effect onto glass. 

Grunyk needed signage for a long 38’ hallway full of windows outside the office, a reception wall behind the front desk, and an exterior sign. The windows in the main hallway were huge and turned the office into a fishbowl of sorts for passersby. The main goal was to add privacy while displaying the newly designed Grunyk Family Law logo, also designed by Streng. We provided a simple solution by suggesting frosting all the hallway window, laser cutting a new stylized “G” into it, and overlaying vinyl lettering for the rest of the logo. The main entrance door included another vinyl application.

Laser cutting the G into the frosted effect.

The reception wall was stripped of the old logo and repainted. Then we added new dimensional acrylic letters that stood off the wall. The subtle shadow under the letters really helped them pop off. We did 3/8″ acrylic lettering that was cut out and painted with the corporate colors and installed with 1/4″ standoffs to add dimension. The exterior sign is a composite aluminum panel with a digital UV protected print overlay.

The complete install took less than a day.

Vinyl lettering added to main office door. Looks great!

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