How to Build a Strong Image for Your Brand

When you are building your business and developing your brand, one of the most important aspects of your business is to build a strong image for your brand so people recognize you and remember you when they need your services.  In this process remember to keep it simple, adding a lot of noise to your brand is not going to make it memorable it will only serve to confuse the potential consumer. Brand recognition and recall are key to being successful and there are several ways you can help ensure your brand is as strong as it can be:

Be Trustworthy

It seems overly simplistic but customers use companies that they can trust and rely on. You need to be trustworthy and prove that your customers can depend on you to fulfill your promises and to give them what they want and need. When someone trusts a brand to make good on that catchy slogan and to fulfill that mission statement they come back to them time and time again. That is your goal!

Show Authority

Building a strong image for your brand depends largely on how you present yourself to your potential customers. You need to demonstrate why they should look to you for answers and why they need to come to you for their needs. Being an authority figure in your field means you are proving why you have the brand recognition and recall you need to be reliable and dependable. Depending upon demographics you will need to refine your “Voice” when speaking to different groups. Some like to be led and others not so much, Millennial’s want to discover and recommend, Boomers what to be told why!

Know Your Customer

Far too many business owners waste time and money throwing their marketing efforts blindly at people and hoping the right customers see them and come to them in their time of need. Knowing your target customer base and who you are focused on for your brand will allow you to tailor your products, services, and your marketing to bring in the right people and to, therefore, increase your profit margins. There should be a segmented approach to your target audience, primary, secondary, and tertiary groups need to be defined so you can spend better towards growth.

Be The Solution

The ultimate goal of any business that offers a service or sells a product is to be a solution to a problem that their customers have. Customers have a need and are looking for someone to meet that need. When you have a strong image for your brand you have better brand recognition and recall and will have customers coming to you when they have a need they know you can meet. Be the answer to their problem!

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