Cold Calls are Dead. Long Live Inbound Marketing Services!

Inbound Marketing Services vs. Cold Calls

Before there were inbound marketing services, cold calls were the go-to strategy for generating leads. If you’re too young to remember cold calling, consider yourself lucky. It was the act of tirelessly phoning person after person (or company after company) that had the best potential for becoming customers or clients. It’s the telemarketing version of throwing spaghetti against the wall. Sometimes a strand or two will stick. Most of the time, though? Well….

Sound mind-numbing and depressing? Yeah. But other than solid referrals, cold calls were your only option, back in the day. We’re not back in the day, anymore. Now we have inbound marketing services. Yay, 21st-century technology!

How do inbound marketing services work? Streng Agency, a leader in the biz, explains:

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Inbound Marketing Services are to Cold Calls as Wifi is to Dial-Up

What’s your time worth? What’s your sales team’s time worth? Does anyone even remotely successful in today’s business climate think for a single second that cold calling is the best investment for generating sales or clientele?

Get real. No one at a managerial level wants to have her ear pressed to a phone, listening to some stranger’s spiel. Oh, and that’s assuming your best salesman gets past the exec’s gatekeeper. And, no doubt, your best guy is fantastic at that. But, is that ancient method the best use of his time?

Someone who thinks so probably also thinks dial-up is a better value than wifi.

Today, about 230 million phone numbers- including business numbers- are on the National Do Not Call Registry

Nothing illustrates how maddeningly unwelcome cold calls are quite like that. Even the best producers in a sales team would have to be made of solid granite to sustain such a mental beat-down day in and day out.

Great news, though. It’s 2018. Neither they nor you have to.

Inbound Marketing Services Defined

If you’re not familiar with inbound marketing, you’re not alone. So let’s start with a definition of inbound marketing services before we get into the details of how they work.

Inbound marketing lasers in on relevance and high-value content. Like the Reese’s Pieces that lured ET safely out of hiding, inbound marketing services use customer interests and needs to guide them through each stage of the buying journey. Your potential customers discover you organically via avenues like blogs, search engines, and social media.

When inbound marketing services are done right, the customer tracks down your business instead of the other way round.

Instead of the “spaghetti on the wall” approach of outbound marketing methods like cold calls or commercials, inbound marketing services customize