Mastering the Brand Experience- It’s Possible With Streng

brand experience

Understanding the difference between brand experience, experiential marketing, and event marketing is critical to mastering a strong and successful marketing plan for any brand. Mastering the brand experience is key to getting and keeping customers interested in your brand and the goods and services you are offering. Many business owners fail to recognize the importance of marketing for the brand experience and the way your customers look at and interact with your brand on a regular basis. Thanks to the advent of digital media and connections that permeate every aspect of our lives today, and with social and mobile media being dominant, with a good foundation in traditional media as well, there will always be a lot of overlap when it comes to your marketing plan and multiple tactics that will need to be considered. Marketing for brand experience is the ultimate goal but also includes other aspects that are just as vital for the brand experience your customers have. Here at Streng Agency, we have the skills, tools, and experience needed to make this work to your advantage!

Mastering the Brand Experience

There are many different types of activities that people do in both the physical and digital worlds that carry the makers of what we refer to as brand experiences. Some of these include corporate events, Guerilla marketing, employee/consumer interactions, customer use of an app or website, social media discussions, and face to face engagements. All of these various types of interactions offer the opportunity for a meaningful experience that can boost the customer’s view of the brand as a whole.

The most effective type of brand experiences are those that are designed to create specific, valuable interactions that meet the needs of customers and leaves them with a satisfied feeling after the experience is over. Done well, these interactions result in deeper emotional connections and greater brand affinity. No matter what the experience is, anytime you engage with customers you need to view it as a time to master the brand experience and wow them with what you have to offer!

Using Events to Your Advantage

Within the business marketing field, most define events as a specialized type of brand experience that is developed to meet unique and specific needs and that is targeted toward a more specified audience. These events include a range of gatherings such as business meetings, trade shows, specialized niche industry conferences, special events and conventions for people with shared interest, informational meetings that are open to the general public yet are focused a specific service or need.

Why are these events so critical to marketing for the brand experience? Many answers can be given to that question but the most common and important ones are:

  • To educate those at the event about new products, services, features, or items that are being offered by the business.
  • To provide participants with a unique opportunity to network with others in the field and to connect to other participants and the brand as a whole.
  • To bring into line and motivate the participants to support a cause or get behind a new strategy, service, or product the business is offering.

Most events offer a unique opportunity for interaction with a brand, its people, and the products or services they provide. As such, they are a valuable tool to build