Oreo Won the Super Bowl, But Who Will Win an Oscar?

(Image: screencrush.com)

It may not be as popular as the Super Bowl, but it’s still a big night on television. The 85th Oscars will be premiering in about -oh- 2 hours!This means lots of endorsements, product placements, and clever marketing schemes on television tonight.

I’ve been an Oscar junkie for quite some time now. I love seeing what the women of Hollywood are wearing, who is dating who, and I root for my favorite movies of the year by printing out my Oscar ballots and casting in my votes. It’s always a fun Sunday night with my friends. And it makes for great convo in the office on Monday morning.

But what’s in it for marketers? After how well Oreo responded to the Super Bowl blackout, other brands are more than likely to jump on the bandwagon and I certainly don’t blame them. Afterall, it worked so well for America’s favorite cookie.

How come it worked for Oreo? Here’s the reason: we love to follow people, companies, and brands on social media platforms because we find them funny, interesting, thought-provoking, and have similar interests as us. As consumers, it makes us feel comfortable to know that our favorite brands are just as “cool” as us. On Sunday night, if I just so happen to be on Twitter while watching the Oscars and I see that a brand I follow tweeted about a moment that I found amusing, I’m more than likely to retweet it. I’d do the same thing if a friend of mine on Facebook mentioned something similar. I like to call it the “let’s be friends” marketing scheme (and for the record, you heard that expression here first). It’s a great opportunity for brands to act like one of our buddies – You thought that moment during the Oscars was funny too? So did we! You should retweet us. Before you know it, the tweet goes viral and the brand will more than likely gain more “friends”.

The winner of “best social media exploitation” award is always the brand that was able to “catch the phrase” first. There’s a #blackout during the Superbowl? You Can Still Dunk in the Dark. Marketing departments associated with big names such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts will be waiting patiently for a significant moment during the Oscars. Once a moment strikes, the marketing team will be ready to shoot something clever through their social media platforms. The first to do it will be the one with the most retweets, the most Facebook shares, and the most publicity.

So what company will go home with an Oscar-winning Social Media Marketing approach? We’ll have to wait patiently to find out.