Steamist Launches Rewards Site

Steamist, a manufacturer of custom steambath and spa shower installations, approached us to develop a website that would allow them to offer an online version of their current rewards program to showroom salespeople working for independent Steamist distributors. The main purpose of the site was to increase awareness of Steamist and motivate distributor salespeople to more aggressively promote and sell Steamist systems to their customers.

Using C#, ASP.NET, and the Umbraco content management system, we created a user-friendly and intuitive site that not only met all requirements but offered scalability as the client’s needs for the reward program evolved.

The current reward program was entirely manual and paper dependent. Every distributor salesperson across the U.S. would have to fill out a form by hand and mail or fax it, plus proof of sale, for verification. The company would then have to open their mail, keep track of the forms, review them, and forward them on to Accounting to cut a check to the individual salesperson. That’s if everything was filled out right. If not, a tedious reach out process was initiated to contact the individual who submitted the form.

In addition to increasing awareness, Steamist wanted to digitize this process with several goals in mind:

  • speed up the release of reward checks
  • make it much easier to review form submissions
  • automate processes where possible
  • satisfy the demand for online submission by an increasingly mobile-centric workforce
  • develop a salesperson email database that would allow for future email campaigns

Our first objective was to define the parameters of this website. What would the submission process look like? How would all parties remain aware of what was happening? What if a form was submitted with a mistake? After hashing out the complexities of functionality, we were ready to move into the design stage.

The style tile gives a good overview of the brand look and feel.

Steamist already had an existing set of brand standards, so this reward site would need to abide by those guidelines while still differentiating itself as unique from the parent site. We set up our own web styling standards complete with fonts, colors, photography look and feel, icons, and formal reward program logo.

Initial sketch of User Dashboard page.

Final design of User Dashboard page.

Once the look was approved, we tackled actual website page layouts with sketches and wireframes to determine content placement. We did this with the most crucial pages to ensure that there would be no surprises later. Then we “skinned” the wireframes with the approved custom design. This is generally one of the most exciting moments in the process, as the client really begins to see their site come to life.

Now we moved into the development phase. Ultimately, the website was not exceptionally large, but we crammed quite a bit of functionality into this puppy. The core functionality had to ensure that the user could register on the site, fill out a digital form claiming the products they had sold, attach proof of sale, and submit to the company for review. This form would need a unique ID so it could be easily found and connected to a specific individual.

The Rewards Form page allowed users to easily input sales quantities for select Steamist products, attach proof of sale, and submit.

The form then had to arrive on the admin side for verification. The admin would need to be notified the form was awaiting review. From there, the form could be opened, reviewed, altered if necessary, and approved or declined. If approved, the user who submitted the form would then need to be notified and the accounting department of the company would get an approval email listing out the user’s details for cutting a check. If declined, the user would receive an email explaining why. Of course, all submissions would need to be kept as records in a submission history for both the user and the admin.

The Submitted Forms page on the admin side made reviewing electronic forms a snap.

We also added contest functionality that could be handled directly through the site. The site was set up to monitor when and how many forms were submitted by each user during a specified time period. Then the site would randomly select one of those users as a contest winner. It couldn’t be easier! Winner announcements could be handled on the site and via email blasts using the email list generated by registering salespeople.

Contest functionality allowed the admin to set a reward and the contest dates. Then the site did all the work to choose a winner.

The end result was a seamless experience for user and admin alike. Salespeople could submit electronic forms via the reward site at any time of day on desktop, tablet, or mobile. The company could review the forms and approve with the click of a button. Gone was any difficulty with reading someone’s handwriting or having to keep track of pieces of paper. All necessary communications were automated. Thanks to the registration process, all salesperson emails were sent to a growing list for future email campaigns. The client could now offer expanded reward incentives with contests. Stick a fork in this turkey, it’s done!

Final design for the Home page/registration form in desktop format.

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