Streng Launches 2 New Websites

We are thrilled to announce the launch of 2 new websites. We firmly believe in fully customized websites that reflect the needs of the client, and we feel we’ve outdone ourselves with these beauties!

KDI Design is a recent client that asked us to take their WordPress site to the next level. This interior design and furniture procurement firm wanted to showcase their work and make it clear they do it all, from design to installation. They also wanted their personal flair to be evident on the site and share who they are with their clients. We developed a very clean but bold visual style that treats the images as the star. A new home page showcases their services and recent work, while an updated projects gallery offers big photos a viewer can scroll or flip through with ease. The new site really showcases the KDI brand colors and commitment to quality. We’ve posted a few screenshots below, but click here to see the live site!

Lewellen & Best, a full-service exhibit house with fabrication and storage locations all over the U.S., was in dire need of a new look for their website. In addition to the site being over 10 years old, it did not showcase their branding expertise in a 3D space or demonstrate the fabulous creativity of their exhibits. Perhaps most importantly, the company was transiting to a new name, Lab Exhibits. Streng recommended a one-page dynamic site with the latest in CSS functionality. We used code to implement diagonal transitions, animating icons, and hero image with animating layers to add visual interest as well as a nod to the company’s expertise in 3D spaces. A brand-new image gallery showcases their work in style in any format. See the final result below and click here to see the live site!