Streng Says ‘Hello’ To EasyCatalog 

Database driven catalogs are a sales vessel

Catalog marketing efforts work as a significant vehicle for sales, producing measurable results and strengthening the connection between a brand and the target market. Database driven catalogs provide continuous and automatic updates to match source data – allowing the most effective way to stay on top of the numbers while keeping creative direction the center of our attention.

This software is always up to date and reduces any possible errors of conflicting information between document data. It has taken the load off fixating attention on data restoration, permitting teams of creators to invest fully in the production of their craft. 

Streng welcomes EasyCatalog

With Streng’s recent inclusion of EasyCatalog, we’re kissing the hassle of monitoring data updates goodbye!

With our recent addition of EasyCatalog, the new implementation dramatically speeds up page make-up time and ensures all documents remain error free; giving benefits to both our team and our clients. Additional time spent away from the creative work will not impact the time or duration spent on projects, saving costs. 

EasyCatalog merges innovative design capabilities with the simplicity of database integration. It will allow our team to continue to perform and provide for clients in the most efficient manner and keep our focal point on communicating a clear and visually attractive manner – continuing to provide award winning content.   

Our design process is guided by finely crafted content. Marrying our team of visionaries and in-house resources with the automatic capabilities of EasyCatalog ensures our ability to exceed standards. Our ability to couple business and creativity creates for an exciting and limitless direction.