Does the Talent of Your Copywriter Matter?

The Impact of a Copywriter in Marketing

“You make that look so easy.” When you excel in a skill, you hear that all the time. But you know better, don’t you? The hard work and focus you put into your work is anything but easy. And, yet, have you ever caught yourself reading the work of a copywriter and saying to yourself, “That doesn’t seem so hard” or “the actual writing doesn’t really impact a marketing campaign all that much, does it?”

Or maybe…just maybe…what you had read was a professional copywriter making effective copywriting look so very easy!

What a Professional Copywriter Brings to the Marketing Table

So, what does an experienced, professional copywriter know that the company intern or your office assistant – hardworking and intelligent as they may be- doesn’t? What sets effective copywriting apart from the kind that’s generated by a marketing company still following the “typing monkeys” model of the 1990’s?

There are several qualities that distinguish outstanding writing from the lackluster. And if you want to optimize the impact of your company’s website, marketing tactics, and anything else that depends on effective communication, you’re going to want to know them.

First Up, Copywriter Basics

Professional copywriting is among the most crucial aspects of marketing and advertising of any kind. Breaking it down into its most elemental definition, copywriting is the act of composing words -whether written or spoken- used to evoke an action from a target audience. A copywriter is the person creating that composition.

Effective copywriting is akin to the marketing technique known as “a call-to-action,” except the concept is on a larger scale. It is the job of a professional copywriter to influence the target audience’s feelings, thoughts, or responses regarding a product, service, brand or marketing campaign.

When effective copywriting hits the “sweet spot” the audience excites Google and other prominent search engines, bolstering a company’s slogan or brand on the ever-important Google, Bing, or Edge page positioning.

An effective copywriter conveys the marketing message in a way that is short and sweet, making content catchy to read and easy to remember. But that’s not the only skill needed by a good copywriter. Any professional copywriter worth his/her salt makes sure the writing has the following six traits.

6 Traits of Effective Copywriting

6 Traits of Effective Copywriting

1. A good copywriter influences buyer