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What You Should Be Blogging About

What You Should Be Blogging About

They Ask, You Answer

When it comes to online journals, blogs, and social media, the options are endless for what you can share. But while you might have a passion for myth debunking and UFOs, your target market might not be so enthusiastic. It is important to understand what your audience wants to read from you to keep hold of their interest, long term.

So What Should You Be Blogging About

When speaking on the business front, your key focus should be to answer the questions the audience is asking of you. This is your opportunity to give a behind the scenes look at what makes your company stand out, helping to better understand your message and ability to build a relationship with future clients. It also answers any questions they may have, eliminating reservations from their mind. Achievements, projects, and how the office is managed is important to illustrate the capabilities of your team. Don’t be afraid to share struggles your team has faced and how you overcame it, this exposes a vulnerability and reliability to clients.

Top questions clients want to learn more about your company:

  • What unique capabilities can you provide, your competitor cannot?
  • What are your most recent accolades?
  • How will communication be exchanged between client and company?
  • Are you committed to a social mission?

Blogs are meant to be a less formal way of communication between you and your clientele. Have fun with topics; whether that be office updates, funny employee stories, or activities outside the office your company is getting involved in. Find the balance between being personal and professional.