Does Web Development Grow Your Business?
Glad You Asked.

The pros make web development look easy. That’s why they’re pros, after all. But the truth is that a lot of work goes into getting your business ranked high on Google.  Meanwhile, because experienced developers do make it all look so easy, there are a lot of business owners out there who think, “Why hire an agency? I can just have the office intern work something up. She’s internet savvy!”

It’s an easy mistake to make, especially since many people are still mentally mired in the web development concepts of the early 2000’s. And someone who has a small home business selling products on Etsy, and is happy staying that way, may do well enough with one of those simple DIY static designs.

Website Development

But that’s not you.

You, your partners, your investors, your management, and your employees all depend on every aspect of your business running at the very top of its game. Client/customer perception and engagement makes or breaks your bottom line. And that’s why web development is critical to the success -often, even the survival- of today’s businesses.

It follows, then, that making sure the agency handling your business’s web development strategy is a seasoned pro with developers and strategists that are at the top of their game, too. But, how do you know if they are if your own understanding of web development needs some updating?

You don’t have to be an expert developer yourself.

But to find the best agency fit for your company, you should have a basic grasp on why web development today makes such an impact on a business’s success. To illustrate the 21st-century effects of web development on client/customer perception and business growth, let’s focus on 4 basic elements.

4 Essential Elements of Web Development

1. Images

Images have always been important in web development, even when it came to the simple WYSIWYG designs so popular during the transition of the 20th century into the 21st. Back then, any image with decent clarity worked just fine. Most consisted of simple photographs.

Today, however, image quality, clarity, and size play a crucial role in how clean and professional your website appears to your target audience. The role of an image isn’t just to draw a potential client or customer to your site. It should cause the visitor to linger, to explore, and entice the visitor to read the content that’s on your site.

The right image sends the right message.

Like it or not, visitors judge your website first by its images. Images heavily influence whether visitors will read the information that follows, decide to use your site’s contact page, leave contact information of their own, or click-through to buy your services or product.

Today, graphics also come into play. Original graphics summarize or illustrate the primary elements of any given way page or blog post. When relevant, both images and graphics should be used on each web page. Note that word “relevant.” Understanding the when, how, and if of placing graphics on a page is one of the nuances that sets great web development apart from the mediocre.

2. Video

The use of video in web development is another must-have. There are several ways that videos can be used to a business’s advantage. These include:

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