Why You Need Professional Photography

Let’s face it, advertising can be expensive, and it’s not unusual to want to cut costs where you can. It’s a shame the single most important element – the photo – tends to be the place where clients cut first, and it hurts their success every time. The goal of most marketing efforts is to create a desire to buy. Consumers buy something they want because they envision feeling better and more satisfied after they have exchanged their hard-earned money for the product or service you have to sell. That means it’s all about perception.

Imagine a hotel in the Caribbean selling itself with a shot of a pool, and the water in that pool is roiling due to the dozens of people in it splashing around and all wearing clashing bathing suits. Do you want to spend thousands to go to the Caribbean and get into a congested pool with a bunch of rowdy people? No. What you really want to see is a calm, bluer-than-blue, crystal clear pool with one attractive looking couple floating on mats and the beachfront stretching away into the distance. You were there for a second just now, weren’t you?

The serene photo like the one described above does not happen without planning and a lot of work. It takes staging. It takes timing. It takes models. And guess what? It pays off.

Often a client will want to use their existing photography library to save money. However, in just about all cases, any existing photography will not be appropriate to the current need. It was not shot with consideration to the current goals the new advertising seeks to achieve. This forces the photo to be jammed into a role it was not meant to fill. Photography like this tends to be dated, generic, low quality, and poorly lit. All that can be easily seen, which hurts perception. And the supposed savings fly right out the window because all the work to get that photo usable can take hours per photo. Plus, it has the added consequence of robbing your advertising of a unique look all its own.

That is why we strongly advocate professional photo shoots. There is no alternative that is as successful in delivering a quality image. Of course, you have to make sure someone who knows how to direct the shot is present. If you do, not only will you avoid all the issues we mentioned, but it will promote your product or service in the best possible light. A great photo is “worth a thousand words” but a poor photo can persuade a customer to not buy your product or service. Don’t risk it.

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