Project Description

Jim Henry

Jim Henry provides high quality custom awards, framing, certificate and corporate recognition programs to a variety of professional associations. Likewise, we provide Jim Henry with striking ads, displays and a stunning website.

Long time Streng client Jim Henry, Inc., which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of awards and recognition gifts, was celebrating its 75 anniversary celebration of Jim Henry’s oldest client, the American Academy of Surgeons. Jim Henry developed a highly valuable and specialized collection of products to help commemorate the Academy’s Centennial and asked Streng to develop a distinct branding campaign aimed at both maximizing exposure and generating enthusiasm for the collection amongst Fellows of the Academy.

Streng initiated a series of dramatic, new marketing brochures positioning the collection and emphasizing its exclusivity and historic value. High impact sales literature, designed exclusively for direct mail marketing to Fellows of the Academy was created. Additionally, display advertising and promotional copy was developed for insertion in official Academy publications. New, original graphics were conceived and Streng worked with Jim Henry to reconfigure its exhibition booth, tailoring the new elements to dramatically highlight the special collection during the annual meeting of the Academy.

A bold and dynamic new micro-site was also developed exclusively for the campaign, further reinforcing the re-branding previously developed for Jim Henry by Streng. As a result, the 100 Commemorative Products Campaign has been widely acclaimed for its creativity and ingenuity and sales of commemorative products by Jim Henry have far exceeded expectations.

At Streng, we are passionate about design and committed to discovering synergies that drive incredible results.

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