Project Description

Ullman Devices

The Situation

Ullman Devices had been in business for over 80 years. They started in 1935 by designing and selling hair dryers, then transitioning to manufacturing devices that would help with plane and vehicle repairs during WWII, and finally progressing to engineering devices that would assist in solving a lot of the ancillary repair issues technicians were experiencing on a day to day basis. All along this journey Ullman kept the same brand mark they started with back in the beginning and that particular mark was not representing the new, progressive attributes of the present day Ullman brand.

The Challenge

Bring Ullman into the 21st century. Start from the ground up and develop an entirely new marketing & communication strategy that would serve to transition every aspect of the company and impact every touchpoint with its growing distribution network. Oh, and do this all in 60 days!

“The plan of attack was to re-tool the brand mark and create a tagline and content roadmap that would drive product messaging for the distributors as well as the end users.”